I'm trying to connect a 32" Samsung Smart TV to a Samsung VHS recorder/DVD player. What cable do I need?

I believe I need an HDMI cable going into the TV from the VHS recorder/DVD player. Is that correct?
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  1. Yes.
  2. ThatVietGuy said:
    ThatVietGuy - does such a cable exist? We have a similar problem (Visio Smart TV and Sony DVD/VHS player) but a person at Radio Shack told there is no such cable.
  3. Well, is there an HDMI output on the DVD/VHS player?
  4. ThatVietGuy said:
    Well, is there an HDMI output on the DVD/VHS player?
    No, which is why we are trying to find a cable with red/yellow/white on one end and HDMI on the other. IF such a cable exists, where can one be found. And thank you for any help.
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    There is no cable that will do that. You'll have to buy a converter box like this:

    Whether the quality is any good, I don't know because I haven't had to use them.
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