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Hi everyone, I'm building a new computer and I was thinking to take the GeForce GTX 780 3GB then I saw the TI version and GTX 690 4GB, but they are much more expensive and I wanted to know if they worth it, thanks guys
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  1. Depends, what resolution monitor are you playing on, and what games are you playing?
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    evga 780 classified. there is no real reason to get a ti version when for the price you can run a skynet custom bios, unlock 1.35v with the classy voltage tool, grab a $120 water block, and push the 780 classy to at least 1500mhz/7200mhz. at those speeds its faster than sli 680/770/690 and much faster than a 780ti. even on air you can get 1300mhz at the core on it and still be cool and quiet. if your going to go for a 780ti then get the classified kingpin and you can unlock 1.5v to the core. but the regular 780 classified is the sweet spot for price performance.
  3. The GTX 780 ti does better then GTX 780 (non ti) but isn't worth the extra $200 in my opinion and same goes for the GTX 690.,3663.html
  4. Ok thanks everyone I think I'll go for the 750 non-ti.
  5. the 780 ti is worth every penny extra if you're gaming at 1440p however if you have a single 1080p monitor the 780 should be enough for now
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