What Monitor(s) for Dual 780 TIs in SLI

So I have 2 older Dell Ultrasharps that have been great. I want something a bit more gaming centric...and my system rebuild is pretty beast.

Two GTX 780ti in SLI
etc etc.

Cost aside...I want to utilize this power (the 2 GPUs) that I paid a premium for, and I am not sure the best way to do so. 3x 1920s? 2x 1440s? 4k?

I was looking at the BenQ XL2420TEs, and have reservations as they are TN displays....I dont really care about having 2 vs 3 displays, My main priority is to make use of the graphics power here. I probably prefer having 2 displays over 3, but am not opposed to it as the 2d/3d surround could be neat for a few games. Are the BenQ premium price jusified over say...the ASUS VG248QE
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  1. Oh...or do I wait? And see what comes down the Pipe w/ 4k? or 1440?
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/QNIX-QX2710-LED-Evolution-ll-SE-Matte-27-2560x1440-SAMSUNG-PLS-WQHD-PC-Monitor-/131095618252?pt=Computer_Monitors&hash=item1e85e862cc

    X2 if you like dual monitors

    Thats what I'd do. Im going to get one soon, and I've only got one N770 Lightning so I think you should be fine.
  3. Personally I like just having one large nice monitor for gaming, (which I assume is your goal) the break in the screen between the monitors is too obnoxious for me, so if you have the money and are like me, You may want to wait until 4k monitors get a bit cheaper and just get one of those.
  4. I think I will wait. 4k....too far out for good refresh. But this guy: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7627/asus-at-ces-2014

    27inch, 1440p, 1ms reponse, 120Hz refresh. If I can get a 24 or 27 inch monitor w/ a fast response, and high refresh rate...that will be good!
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