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It's my first time building a budget gaming pc so please forgive me if I make any stupid mistakes. I came upon problem s after I bought 2 ram memory chips, by accident I bought Corsair Vengeance 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory and ONLY ONE G.Skill Sniper Low Voltage Series 8GB Memory. My motherboard is a MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 Micro ATX FM2 which comes with only 1 dual channel and I knew I should have bought 2 of the same ram chip for example 2 G.Skill Sniper instead of buying 1 to have a better performance. My question is that, if I keep my Corsair Vengeance Ram and my G.Skill Sniper Ram in the dual channel slots, will my computer still be able to read and process the both of the ram card or only one? Will my computer still have a total of 8 GB even though it will still be slower than a 2x4GB? PLEASE HELP :C In your opinion should I go and waste or buy another $49 dollar G.Skill Sniper 4GB ram card to match my other G.Skill Sniper card and have a 2x4GB in dual Channel?

Motherboard:: MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 Micro ATX FM2
Corsair Vengeance 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1600
G.Skill Sniper Low Voltage Series 4GB **HAVE ONLY ONE**
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  1. i would suggest to sell one of them and get another to match the one you keep the corsair work at 1.5 volts and the gskill at 1.25 that could cause issue on the system .
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    If you can get the 2 to work without issues I'd be surprised.
    It's always best to have everything matching as much as possible when it comes to ram. You can in theory get two different branded sticks of the same specs to work but it becomes less likely.
    Some people are so obsessed about compatibility that they don't buy ram outside of kits; this is not being ocd or vain it's a compatibility issue. Kits of 2, 3, 4 sticks etc are supposed to be tested by the manufacturer before shipping to ensure compatibility and even then sometimes you get a bad stick, incompatibility issues, etc.
    So, in order this is what you want:
    1. Same make and model of the same brand, same speed (ex 1333Mhz, 1866, etc), size (ex8GB and 8GB) and latency (cas 9-9-9-24).
    2. Same Kit when possible (same as above with 2 or more of the same tested)
    3. Same brand make and model (Buying the same exact stick at separate times)
    So, it's better to buy a 2 piece kit vs buying 2 of the same everything separately but you can't always know ahead of time so the next best thing is to buy the same exact stick.
    In your case then, either return both if possible and replace with a dual kit of the one you like, or buy a second stick of the stick you'd like to have a second one of and hope that plays well. Look up on the MSI website to see if one of the two is on the compatibility list for your motherboard. Also, double check the spec sheet for your cpu as it has a memory that it plays "happiest" at. I believe for a lot of AMD processors that's 1866, so keep that in mind if you plan on overclocking (do this down the road after you can run your system stable and be sure that none of your current components are already causing instability as oc'ing inherently creates instability until you find optimal settings; that's enough work in and of itself). This should answer all of your questions. If something's not clear please ask within the scope of this thread. Have fun!


    Justin S.
  3. You really don't want to be running two different types of RAM. You're just asking for trouble.

    Quick question, what do you mean you only have one of these? Did you buy the dual channel 8GB kit and found one was faulty? Did you buy a single channel 4 GB of this kind of G.Skill RAM? I'm just a little confused as to how that happened.

    I can only advise (in good conscience) that you send back what you can, and get this exact set of RAM sticks. This is because even using two identical, single-channel RAM kits can cause problems. I can't recommend that you just wing it and buy another single G.Skill 4GB single channel kit, because I can't guarantee that it will work. At the very least, do not run the Corsair with the G.Skill. Just use 4GB of either for now.
  4. if it under 30 days return them. if it over 30 days contact gskill and they can swap the ram stick out for a ram kit.
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