Wierd problem with wifi connection. Help!

So, I have a Linksys router at home. My laptop (Win 7), cellphone (Samsung S3), ps3, and a VOIP home phone, all access the router/wifi on a regular basis. I have tenants in my house who also access my connection with their pc's (all of my ports are available so no device is limited).

Recently, I'm having a recurring problem where none of my home devices i.e. laptops and ps3 are not detecting my router connection (even when the router is fully functional). Now, my wifi connection name is 'Test' - the weird part is, that my cellphone (s3) is connecting to it. Whats even weirder, when I check my wifi connection on my phone, the name it displays is 'Test_media'. And periodically I will get a notice on my phone saying "Your internet connection is unstable".

Furthermore, my VOIP landline (connected directly to the router) is working just fine. I have tried reseting everything. I looked into connection interference and nothing was resolved when I turned off everything that can potentially interfere with the frequency. The issue usually fixes itself but the issue has been recurring very frequently and frankly getting really annoying since it takes quite a few hours each time for the connection to come back.

I am all out of option. I don't know what the problem is or why my wifi name has a '_media' attached to it that only my samsung s3 can connect to. Please help! I am a student and this problem is cutting into my study time. I really need this solved asap.

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  1. linksys routers are poooched since Cisco bought them....

    Have you plugged into it, looked for a firmware update and them completely reset the router after the firmware update to start with clean settings. If that fails get a cheap rosewill router until you can get a better one. (OBTW - a friend of mune is useing a 4 yr old $30 Rosewill for Gaming over WiFi)
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