XP won't boot in Virtual PC

I have made an image of the old drive I need to use files off of at home, installed an older version of Virtual PC that works for Vista, I start up VPC when xp attempts to start I get that DOS screen message telling me due to a possible hardware change recently windows cannot start. Got the option to start in safe mode, safe mode with networking etc, start windows normally...
Any of these options just cycles back to this xp just won't boot up..any thoughts appreciated.
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    Try a clean install of the XP OS on the VM. An image of the old system will see the VM as completely different 'hardware', and not boot.
  2. Clean install would wipe out the program I'm trying to preserve, maybe a repair...but alas I don't have an XP installation disc any more, haven't for years. This old computer from work is 'out in back shop' and unlikely the discs for it are around either...will check tomorrow but not holding my breath.
  3. Understand. But a clone from old hardware to new VM is unlikely to work.
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