Which video card is a good buy for a few more years?

I have an alienware m18x r1.
I am looking to get a new video card to upgrade for up coming games this year so they'll run better than right now.
I have 16Gb ram and looking to get a gtx 680m 2GB for $450 or an AMD Radeon HD 7970m $450.
What I researched and read is that the 680m is more than enough and quite an upgrade from my current system capabilities. Is it worth the money I plan on gaming high as possible settings.
As in games such as watch dogs and thief.
Any help and knowledge of a good buy will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
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  1. Yes it not a bad choice, but if you going to pay $450 for it then you might as well wait a year and buy a new laptop
  2. And what is your current video?
  3. Nikola Aslanov-1338074 said:
    And what is your current video?

    gtx 560m 1.5GB

    Two video choices now read above please.
  4. 7970 all the way
    7970 in all games will either be on par with the gtx 680 or have a higher fps.
  5. Best answer
    gpuboss benchmarks are for the desktop card variants.
    For the mobile ones 680m is better:
  6. GPU boss not just for desktop I compared the laptop ones and they are exactly 8.8 each. 680 higher in gaming only.
    Thank you all for you're help. I greatly appreciate it.
    If anyone has anymore information on the two video cards I should know about before buying please let me know. Money is hard to come by for me.
    Thanks again.
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