i installed a new MOBO and CPU how can i install windows 7 again and keep my account and all the prgrams saved please reply q

i have a AMD FX-8350 CPU and a A990 FXM-A MOBO and need help SKYPE :: Mdamron115
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    you can only do it if the win7 u have is not OEM then the activation code works but then if it is OEM then you need to rebuy win7

    look at images above the code has the word OEM in it at one point which means the manufacturer or whatever you installed it but its to be preinstalled on retail cmputers or u wanted to save money on win7 but OEM= nope. No OEM= yes.
  2. what do you mean that you want it saved? Do you mean by backup. if you want you can have windows 7 and drivers, software backed up and restored without having to reinstall anything. Acronis true Image can help you with this. Find out more here
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