Credibility of Asus Maximus VI Formula, GTX 760 Mars and others

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Been looking around and haven't really found what I wanted to know, so here comes the question, or a statement which I would like to hear your opinion about. I am looking to upgrade my PC, orientated towards gaming. First, I have decided upon Asus Mars 760, many factors weighing in - design, innovation, obviously price, performance and the idea itself, which kinda is all of the former together. Then I looked into other products by Asus, finding many interesting pieces, Maximus VI Formula being the other particularly eye catching. I know that you partly pay for design/brand etc when it comes to products like these, however I would love to hear some judgement of the items mentioned disregarding the price. Their functionality, performance in practice, also Asus customer service, basically to answer one simple question - does Asus deserve the money for these items, if you're the fan of design and brand. Thank you kindly for your time :)
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  1. well, all manufacturers will put up the price for certain things, like the Maximus VI Formula's thermal armour, which doesn't really do that much, but looks really cool. Is that what you were asking?
  2. Thanks for your reply, unknown. However you make me believe I failed to ask what I really wanted to know :D just an opinion whether high end Asus components are a quality product.
  3. Asus is generally known for making good motherboards. The formula seems a bit overpriced, but no more than boards like the sabertooth. The armor is fairly gimmicky, although I like it on my sabertooth when I was building as something to hold as well as a shield against my clumsy screwdriver drops. The board also comes with built in wifi, and I believe has pretty decent built in sound. Is it worth the $300 or so they are charging? Probably not, but if you are set on getting it then it will probably be a decent board.
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    The Formula is for high end and one of it's unique features which adds to the price is the built in water block if you are considering building with a custom water loop for for cooling, else a good alternative is the Asus Hero, which is what I chose as I have no use for water cooling in general, handles DRAM great, am currently running 780s in SLI, and have the CPU at 4.6 24/7 and soon to be 4.7. Haven't gotten my hands on the MARS card yet but the previous 580 MARS was also unique and a very good card, I myself like the innovations that Asus tries out and does, and definitely think their products are worth what they charge
  5. Big thanks to both mc962 and Tradesman1 for your insights, that's precisely the kind of information I was looking for. Indeed the armour among other things is something that only adds to the looks of Maximus VI but hey as I've said that's what you choose to pay for; in terms of water cooling I am not 100 percent sure yet, so thanks tradesman1 for the alternative, however am considering it since my workstation right now has very limited space and air flow (far away from window etc), which I think does reduce the effects of fans by some degree, and if I want to go up + OC w/c becomes a must, so better be prepared :) In terms of Asus Mars, I feel exactly the same way I love what they bring to the table with 760 Mars, one may even consider it a high performance product for a very affordable price, being an easier and I believe viable substitute for SLI/CFX. Again, thanks for your answers, really helped me out here.
  6. Very much so, in effect it is SLI, but with out all the space taken up and extra heat
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