Switching from AMD to Nvidia 2x gtx780Ti or Gtx690 & Triple monitor question

Hello every one, i keep reading this community for quite a lot, but this is my first time asking a question. So recently i have sold my HD7990, and now am looking to buy an Nvidia card/s.

My current configuration is following:
i have tree monitors Dell P2414H each monitor has this ports (1x DVI, 1xDP, 1x VGA)
Motherboard support sli so am ok for that: Msi Z87 G55
CPU: Intel i5 4670k + 212 evo cooler
12gb ram kingston hyper blue 1600mhz
Cooler Master M2 850W

So everything worked fine with amd, but i just wanted to switch to Nvidia, my most concerned thing is, will my tree monitors support Nvidia surround as they are limited with ports?
And i have two options of choosing, i can buy two Gigabyte GTX780 Ti (GV-N78TD5-3GD-B) or one ASUS GTX690 4GB. The problem with another gtx690 is that supplier is not sure if he can get one more for resonable price..

Thanks every one!
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  1. 2 780ti will absoloutley destroy a 690 in every situation go that route
  2. 780 ti SLI has more than enough ports. You will have 4x DVI ports, 2x HDMI ports and 2x DP ports. Unlike AMD, Nvidia allows you to use both cards ports, not just the primary card.
  3. 780ti has 3GB vram as opposed to 2GB usable of the 690, 780's will suit that resolution much better. If you want a single card, wait for the GTX 790.
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    When it comes to choosing a component, I always say it's better to go with the new model over the old one. Next to what Firo40 said that dual Ti's will outperform 690GTX it is a brand new piece of hardware released only more than a month ago, wheres 690 has been around for more than a year and a half. That's lightyears for technology as it develops with ever growing pace. Especially since your MOBO's good to go with SLI and provided you have enough space, green light for Ti's it is :)
    When it comes to monitors, I would say go for DisplayPort connection on each of the GPU and connect your third monitor via DVI. However don't take my word for it and get more info on how SLI works and what's the best way of hooking up your monitors - never done it, hence my knowledge in the area is very limited. Let us know how it goes ;)
  5. Hey guys, thanks a lot for taking time to answer me. It helps, i didn't realise that when you have two cards in sli you can hook up one monitor to one card and rest two to another card, i was thinking that i need all that ports to fit on first card. Also am wondering would Gigabyte gtx780 ti and any other brand like asus work okay in sli, do they need to be both Gigabyte or both Asus, or it will work one Asus and one Gigabyte?
    Something you were looking for, stefanode :)
    Just to double point in out, if you've got two cards with identical GPUs from two different manufacturers, both cards will run on whatever speeds the slower is producing.
  7. even a single GTX780 Ti can be as fast as GTX690:

    MSI's GTX 780 Ti is almost too good to be true. The card comes overclocked out of the box, to 1020 MHz base clock, which, thanks to Boost 2.0, runs the card at 1144 MHz on average - higher than most other custom GTX 780 Ti cards. Compare this to the GTX 780 Ti reference board and it results in a significant 8% percent performance improvement, making it the fastest graphics card we ever tested. Yes, even faster than the dual-GPU HD 7990 and GTX 690. Compared to AMD's Radeon R9 290X, the difference is 16%, which is about as much as the R9 290X's lead over the previous-generation HD 7970 GHz. It would have been nice to see a small bump in memory clocks, too. I suspect some kind of limitation from NVIDIA's side there since nearly no custom board partner increased memory clock beyond the memory chips' rated frequency.
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