New cpu, PC keeps crashing

Just got my fx-8350 and my pc keeps crashing. Its the BSOD, and im not sure where to start troubleshooting. Along with my new cpu i got a card reader a case and another HDD. Should i have re-installed windows or is it something a little more fatal :(.
My MOBO is the asrock 970 Extreme3. Its says its 8 core ready and is an am3+ socket but hey, ya never know. Any help would be greatly appreciated, i just wanna be able to use my new upgrades already haha
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  1. i would recommend a clean install of windows for starters.
  2. Ive found out that it is running extremely hot for some reason, while in bios i looked at the built in hw monitor and my cpu was at temps 75c. I reseated the heat sink and thermal paste and im watching it now slowly climbing back up, its at 50c already
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    ASRock removed support on the 8320/8350 chips for their Extreme3 mobos, due to heating issues. Had this problem a few days ago, that's how I found out.
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