More ram or better graphics card?

I'm gonna be playing in this resolution 1600x900.

which should I choose?
2x2 GB RAM + Sapphire R7 260x
2x4 Gb RAM + Palit Gtx 650 ti

I want to play the bioshock trilogy and skyrim or maybe crysis 3.

thanks for any reply.
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  1. what do you have for ram now?
  2. I am building a new pc.
  3. 8gigs of ram is pretty much the norm for gaming and depending on the cpu id go with the r7 260.
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    I'd go with the 8GB of DRAM and the slightly less powerful GPU the 650TI, 4GB of DRAM only leaves about 2.5 for games and programs after the OS and startup programs load
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