4 x 4GB RAM, Can see all in bios, only 8GB being used :(

I am using Asus P8P67 Pro
4 x Kingston 4GB (all the same)
I can see each stick when you check the slots individually in bios.
Computer will only ever load with 8GB.

I have tested all 4 sticks in all 4 slots (separately i.e. 4GB at a time) and everything works...just not together...

I recently received my motherboard back from warranty repair and I'm wondering if maybe there is a setting I'm missing to enable it? I've contacted Asus again and they want me to send the mobo back but it took 5 weeks to return last time.......

Any ideas at all?
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  1. Which OS are you running? Please be specific for ex Windows 7 32bit vs Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit vs Windows 8.1 64bit OEM. Some versions limit use to 8GB:
  2. Windows 7 Professional 64bit retail.
    I had the same version installed when it was reading 16GB.
    Even in bios it says 8GB which is what worries me. I reinstalled Windows hoping that would fix the issue :(
  3. Try pulling the sticks, reset the CMOS, then INstall and if 1600 or better enabale XMP, select profile 1 and give it a try
  4. What do you mean by 1600 or better? Is XMP an option in Bios?

    I have tried resetting the CMOS as well, just not with the sticks pulled out.
    I'll give that a go when I get home.
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    If your DRAM is 1600 or better, then it should be XMP compliant and XMP will set the sticks up for you, and yes XMP is in the BIOS
  6. Tradesman1 said:
    If your DRAM is 1600 or better, then it should be XMP compliant and XMP will set the sticks up for you, and yes XMP is in the BIOS

    The sticks are 1333. XMP is set to Auto. I think the motherboard is just faulty...I can't even get the front USB ports to work no matter how many times I reconnect them.

    I removed the RAM and reset the CMOS but still only comes up as 8gb.

    I'm going to have to send it back to ASUS. Thanks for trying to help though. Greatly appreciated.
  7. Let us know how it goes
  8. Tradesman1 said:
    Let us know how it goes

    So I finally got my mobo sent back to me....only to have a piece of paper saying "Free of fix due to customer damage/abuse of cpu socket".

    Naturally this infuriated me. They sent it back with a different socket cover than what I sent it back with, and 1 pin was bent. I know I didn't do it.

    Sent ASUS an angry e-mail to which they replied that they "fixed the motherboard" and the fixed the socket for free.

    Did a quick search on bent socket pins and people were saying you can just bend them back as long as they're not touching another one.

    I was going to apologise for my angry letter, until I started up my PC and saw that it still would only show 8 out of 16GB.

    Definitely not going to buy ASUS again with that kind of "support".

    If anyone has any ideas to try I'm open to it, otherwise I guess I'll have to live with 8GB.
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