Is it possible to use 100% of the 2 GPUs in a GTX 690 with overclocking?

If my understanding is correct, the GTX 690 uses 2x of the GK 104 GPUs that are not fully enabled. Is there any way to re-enable these non-working sections through overclocking, or does it not work like that?
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    It does not work like that. The only possible way to enable not fully enabled GPU's is through a BIOS flash, and only if they were not fused off. I do not believe the 690 is one that is even capable of being fully enabled beyond what it is already (I don't even think it has unused cuda cores). When it is possible, it is usually big news, the 6950's were one such card that could be fully enabled into a 6970.
  2. Hi, The GTX 690 already has 2 fully enabled GK 104's it will overclock but all kelper's throttle at a certain temperature to protect the unit.
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