What are these 2 metal clips for on this DIMM, and can you take them off to see how much RAM it is?

Here's something I've never seen before: 2 metal clips holding something onto a DIMM (old 184-Pin, I think). A buddy gave it to me; and, I'm trying to find out about it. these metal sides [covers] are on tight, it seems like. Heat sinks, maybe?
Has anyone taken anything like this off a RAM module that can tell me how? Says, "ULTRA"
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  1. those clips hold the cover and act as cooler .
  2. Can you tell me if it's hard to remove (to check the CAS, speed and size of the module)?
  3. You cant just run them to see the specs.? If there's no sticker on them stating what they are, then it must be written on the inside. I've never had to take any apart but I'm assuming if the info's there, there must be a way to take the metal off safely.
  4. If there is an information sticker, it is covered beneath the plates.

    How can I safely remove the plates--doesn't seem like there's even enough room to slip a tweezer or awl beneath the clip.
  5. found similar picture you could use cpu-z or hwinfo to get details on those modules .
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    Ultra is a brand (sort of house brand) of TigerDirect, just plug them into a rig and run CPU-Z - will give the model # in the SPD tab as Part Number
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