Are these the best parts for my next gen build for the money? I Currently have the hdd psu optical drive and the cpu cooler so it goes to 1842 which i wanna know is the best build i can get for next gen yes i know theres a bunch of fans dont bother me on it this is my first build which means i need Monitor and etc so please tell me if this is the best i can get. Oh by the way does 8.1 and windows 8 have a diffrence of performance will they in the future? if not ill just get 8 Basic question Are these the best for the price?
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  1. Please tell me you haven't already purchased the PSU
  2. I have
  3. Not good, a system running a single GTX 780 is recommended to have a 575W PSU, and that is without any overclocking. If you plan to over clock, you will probably need something in the 650W (or more) range, depending on how far you plan to push it. Also, the Corsair CX series of PSUs are their budget line and use lower quality/cheaper parts (mainly capacitors). For a moderate build they might be ok, but I definitely would not have picked that PSU.
  4. Can you Recommend a Psu?
  5. Anything from Seasonic, XFX, Corsair (except their CX series) or Antec. The XFX 650W is a good one:

    And concerning all the fans, just because there is a place to mount a fan does not necessarily mean you want to install all of them. Sometimes too many fans can disrupt the case's internal air flow and actually make things run hotter.
  6. Agreed CX600 is a budget builder's friend, but with this setup that would be pretty close to the edge. Something like an XFX 650W would be the minimum I would go with. More comfortably 700-750W for overclocking without riding above 80% load. Corsairs AX and HX series have quite good reputations for quality.

    Haswell chips are rated at 84W. Actually overclocked measurements push it closer to 150W. 8pin + 6 pin + slot = 300W capability on the video card. 450W on 12V only and not even including motherboard, ram, drives, and all your fans.
  7. But besides the psu is the build good?
  8. it's fine, although I probably would have chose a different case and possibly went with an AIO water cooler for the CPU.
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    Personally I would find a red or red/black cpu fan just for vanity's sake. Thermaltake Frio would look neat.

    1866 or 2133 memory would only add $10-20 to your total.

    Probably over spending on peripherals, but that is up to the individual. (I think corsair sells fans in boxes of 2 or 4, might save you a little or get you two extra fans for free)
  10. Random person here, but for the headphones, mouse, keyboard, and optical drive, you could of chosen other things. For one, Astros are labelled as "gaming headsets" and have a brand name attached to them. So, it's expensive like Beats, Turtle Beaches, and Trittons are if you're just doing regular gaming, music listening, etc. That said, they're not bad headsets, but there are alternatives. I'd recommend going to headfi or other sites to find a less expensive and similarly effective headset. For one, the Creative Fata1ity could work if you want a really cheap headset. Audio Technica's headphones are great from what I read along with Sonys, Logitechs, and more. They don't have mics, but you could find a decent clip-on or get a decent mic. Also, you'd want to get a sound card if the motherboard's sound doesn't cut it. A good pair of headphones can only do so much with the sound quality of a sound card or onboard sound.

    For mice, that one looks fine and they're based on personal preference so nothing there. So, Steelseries, Razer, Logitech, Mionix, and Zowie are among mice companies. The keyboard, well, I wonder if the branding adds to the cost. You could find another mechanical keyboard for less than that. Maybe a Ducky, Cooler Master Quickfire, and others. If you hadn't purchased the optical drive, you could of gone with a Blu-Ray drive or some cheap drive like one of Asus's or LG's.

    With your budget, you could get 16GB or 32GB of RAM for the hell of it.
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