Best Headset Mic for under 150$

I have been searching everywhere for a headset with a awesome mic for skype and youtube videos. Currently I have the siberia v2 headset and its mic is god awful. I'm looking for mic comparable to a snowball if possible.

I have found the sennhieser pc 320 and Audio Technica BPSH1 but the downfall of the bpsh1 is it is xlr and I can't really spend the money for a interface. I have also looked at the Corsair Vengence 1400

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks guys.
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  1. I found a website with a few gaming headsets that I have heard of great reviews and these are decent if you want a "main stream pair of headsets"
  2. Have you considered the Razer Blacksharks? Excellent reviews regarding sound, comfortability, sound insulation, mic quality, and initial build quality. See for yourself.
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    buy a headphone and get Quality is better then the snowball
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