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Alright so pretty soon I am going to be getting about $90 that I am going to spend on a keyboard and mouse. Now I know this may sound a bit stupid for the price point, but I want to get a mechanical keyboard with cherry mx switches (I've never touched a mechanical before and I want the best keyboard on the block!) My choice was a corsair vengeance k65 witch is about $75. So now I only have about $25 for a mouse. I already have a mouse for my laptop (a logitech M510) but since it's missing the back cover, and it's wireless it won't be very good for my new desktop. It does have an laser instead of an optical input, so I wonder if someone can even find something better for the price. I will consider different keyboard and mouse combos, as long as it's a decent mechanical keyboard. Also my system's color scheme will be red and black, not that I need a really amazing looking mouse (even though it will be for gaming) but just keep that in mind. Alright, thanks in advance!
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  1. To be straight up, 25$ isn't an efficient amount to spend on a quality mouse
    If you want an amazing looking mouse, then you are going to be spending around 60 or up for a quality mouse
    If you save up for a razer deathadder, that is one of my favorite looking mice out there
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