Can I run Office 2010 Professional on my Windows Vista 32 b. SP2

I tried to download Office 2010 Professional.
I could not run the Secure Download Manager installation, which is the first step.

Is my computer too old?
I found on my computer a link to upgrade to Windows 7, would that help?
Or I have another computer running Windows XP.

I am currently using Open Office, and would very much like to use Office 2010.

Thank you so much.
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  1. There's no reason you cannot run Office 2010 Professional on Vista. Heck it will even run on XP. What is Secure Download Manager? It doesn't sound like it's from Microsoft. Why could you not run the Secure Download Manager? Did it give you some kind of error?

    The more information you provide the more help we will be able to give you.
  2. Sorry, but your answer is pure BS. It's actually quite funny! Microsoft doesn't provide Office 2010 to Vista owners???? WOW! Are you for real?

    The truth is that Office 2010 will run on ANY operating system from XP through Vista to 8.1:

    And here:

    Scroll down to little table showing all the operating systems it will run on, especially the Vista 32-bit:

    Look for the list of operating systems in each link, usually in a table. 32-bit Vista is listed in every one, as is Windows XP.
  3. My dad's laptop had Vista 32-bit, and Office 2010 and it worked just fine. You can "trust me" if you'd like because I actually used it for two years.

    That's on a 6-year old laptop with a dual-core Intel CPU, 2GB System RAM, typical 5400RPM 2.5" HDD.

    It didn't "lag" in the slightest. A couple seconds to open Outlook, or Word, or Powerpoint and things were very smooth. Seriously, why would there be major problems running a WORD PROCESSOR?

    I don't know what your Installation problems are. I installed mine from DISC.

    *What EXACTLY is the problem?
    (You appear to just have problems downloading it in the first place.)
  4. Thank you for the prompt reply.

    This is what I got.

    Your Microsoft Product download is ready!
    Thank you for your order! Your download link and product key is listed below:

    Installation Note:
    BEFORE installing this software, please make sure you have removed (uninstalled) any previous or trial versions of Microsoft Office. This can cause conflicts causing the software to not install or function properly.

    After I open the link, here is what I got:

    Get Your Software in 4 Easy Steps

    Download the Secure Download Manager (SDM) installation file ?
    If you have completed this step previously, go to step 3.
    Download SDM

    Locate the file from step 1 and run it to install the SDM ?

    Download the .SDX file for your order ?
    Download .SDX

    When the SDM launches, start downloading your software. ?
    If the SDM application does not launch automatically, locate the file from step 3 and open it to download your software.

    Then I download the SDM. But could never open it, whether I went to the administrator account or user account.

    A side note, it is through collegebuy.

    Thank you so much.
  5. You are completely confident this is a LEGITIMATE RESELLER?

    There are plenty of FAKE sites out there pretending to be real resellers. If the PRICE is way cheaper than you can get at normal reseller for example, there's probably something wrong.

    My advice is get it somewhere else, and preferably get a disc, or the ability to download the IMAGE so you can burn a DVD to reinstall.

    *If it's legitimate, then you should contact their SUPPORT page for help because there's no way for me to help troubleshoot this.
  6. Best answer
    The LEGAL way as I understand it is THIS:

    "Obtaining Product Keys:
    Product keys will be provided on the purchase confirmation page and sent to the student's eligible educational institution email address entered into the Offer web site during the purchase process. "

    I'm just not sure where the official store links are for this.
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