whats the difference between POWER COLOR / sapphire and the normal edition of AMD GFX cards?

I have power HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 , I saw people saying that sapphire is better, also there is a normal version which have no additional name such sapphire or powercolor, which one is better? is power color worst?
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  1. powercolor/sapphire and others are partners of AMD (similar to nvidia).
    the core of the gpu comes from amd (or nvidia for nvidia cards), then sapphire (for example) will have the gpu built, sometimes the cooler is 3rd party, with custom board layout, some are overclocked too.

    although, gpu's based on reference (a copy from amd design) designs are also available. Almost everytime, those that use 3rd party coolers are better, as they can be overclocked or comes factory overclocked
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    People will choose the brand they own or have experience with as the "best". Really no one buys the same GPU with different manufactures often enough to make a call. With that said manufacturing partners (power color, sapphire and such) will do things to stand out. They will do such things as include beefier cooling, "cherry pick" the memory and GPUs as well as use higher quality capacitors for overclocking purposes.

    For the record my first GPU purchases were with powercolor. The cards were fantastic.
  3. my first non-budget gpu was sapphire, it lasted for years
  4. Powercolor cards are fine, just people dislike them for their awful customer service.

    The main changes made by PowerColor/Sapphire etc are the clockings of the GPU and the coolers. These versions often include better coolers than the AMD/Nvidia standard.

    As for brand choice it's really often down to either:

    Who is the cheapest? OR Is this my favourite brand?
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