am i building a cheap Bottleneck system?

Hello everyone [:

So to sum things up. i'm putting together a build for my little brother to game on and i'm not too sure after looking at different benches/reviews/opinions if i either have a bottlenecking gpu build here, or if it's decent for it's purpose.
It's purpose is strictly gaming and he's really wanting to play the same games as me, and i know battlefield 4 is used a lot in terms of comparison for systems, so i'll use that as the example of what the build will more than likely be playing.

Here's the sum of the build and the reason some parts are bought and other are not, is because i have had spare un-used parts from past builds and that's why i'm in this position haha.


-already have had-
CPU: Amd 760k
RAM: 4gb gskil ddr3 1333
PSU: 530w rosewill (the RG530-S12)

--don't have--
GPU: EVGA GTX 760 2gb
Mobo: MSI A88XM-E35
HDD: WD 750gb 7200rpm

at this point as the title says, i'm just not too sure if the 760k CPU would bottleneck the 760?
I do know the ram i have is also a tad slow being 1333 but I already had those sticks so why not.

He's not going to mind playing med-high settings for sure and i know AA being off won't matter either. Most likely 1 monitor and pretty sure he won't care about running at 720p either.

Bottleneck? or anything else i can change is my question :D I do need to keep the price around what it is at with what i don't have. pretty sure that hits around 350-450 or so for the parts left?

Thanks everyone :D
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  1. what's the total budget
  2. "I do need to keep the price around what it is at with what i don't have. pretty sure that hits around 350-450 or so for the parts left?"
    trying for 350-450 for what i do not have. (gpu-mobo) hdd i know is fine and mobo is fm2. so if it would be best for a new cpu, then i suppose i could rid of the one i have and other parts i got lying around for whats best for this build. which if this is a bottleneck build then for the new mobo and cpu i'd say the cheapest step up would be like a fx 6300 or so? with the cheapest am3 mobo.
    Thats the best answer i can give for the budget. 350-450 for not needing a new cpu.
    But if a new cpu is best, then something around 100$ cpu. fx 6300 i believe is 120$ on newegg.
  3. anyone think i would be bottlenecking the 760?
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    I recommend a fx 6300 because you are getting a GPU so you don't need an fm2 socket mobo which supports amd's apu line. An am3+ board is very upgradeable and much better for gaming. Your current build won't support a 760 well, a 4300 at minimum is needed, but the price is so close you might as well get a 6300.
  5. yep that's what i figured. i found room in the budget so i'll go with the 6300 then :D Thanks for your opinion an help [:
  6. no problem, make sure to keep that CPU cool though as i've heard they become unstable as low as in the 60s. The coolermaster hyper 212 is a good solution at $30.
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