How to connect 3g dongle to my car player win ce net. 6.0 ?

1.Built in GPS Navigation
2 Microsoft Windows CE.NET 6.O system
3.GPS module: MST2521 module
5.128M Flash Memory
6. Support 2DMap Views
7. 2 Zone: License to music and radio while in GPS Navigation
8. Can Support Map: IGO/Garmin/Sygic
9. Built External USB 3G Dongle connection
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  1. Mobile broadband USB modems are not all standard yet there is a great variation in the methods used to in effect log into the network. You need device drivers for each one and even the same hardware will be a little different between carriers sometimes.

    IF you can load a normal windows driver into this device you might get it to work. Your next issue may be that the tcpip stack is not installed or is disabled you may have to change that also.

    I am going to bet you will not be able to find a driver that will run since it needs to be linked for that processor which is not one of the more common ones used in say a PC or Router or tablet.
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