Can u people help me for deciding which graphic card is better?????

I have a question regarding graphics card???

I want to buy a new GC and i belong to India.

I am confused between:-

1.Zotac GTX 650 1 GB GDDR5
2.Sapphire HD 7770 Ghz edition 1 GB GDDR5

Which one is better out of the above in terms of:-
a.temperature(in full load as well as idle) and even about better airflow.
b.performance(in full load).
c.price is not a matter from the above 3.

I want to buy as soon as possible,please help me out in this!!!

My Specs:-
CPU--AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8 ghz
M/B--Gigabyte 78LMT-S2
RAM--Kingston 4 GB 1333 mhz
PSU--Corsair VS 650W
HDD--Seagate 250 GB
Case--Normal case with one fan
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  1. Hd 7770 is a better choice
    sapphire brand makes good produts
  2. Can u tell me in details why so???
  3. Sujith Soman said:
    Can u tell me in details why so???
  4. Sujith Soman said:
    Can u tell me in details why so???

    This is why:

  5. I can also vouch for the 7770 being a great value card, The fact you chose the sapphire version is also great because they make good graphics cards.
  6. What about BF 4,far cry 3,tomb raider,crred 4,splinter black list,bioshock infinte, in all the above 3 mentioned GC????
  7. Sujith Soman said:
    What about BF 4,far cry 3,tomb raider,crred 4,splinter black list,bioshock infinte, in all the above 3 mentioned GC????

    Bro, 7770 is best.
  8. Bro Right now a new card, which is amazingly strongly came out for 150$, the r7 265, barely weaker than the r9 270, which is 250$
  9. Bro i stay in india so say in rs.?? coz its more here!!!!! R7 265 has not come yet and if it will then too it will be costly from the above 3.
  10. In india the average price for a 7770 is RS.10000 Give or take that is almost equal to 140-150$
    The best value card * In India* is gtx 760 at a local electronic shop.For rs 20000 you get almost triple the performance of a 7770 although RS.20000=350$ which is quiet expensive but thats what we indian have to deal with.
  11. too many taxes in India :x :(
  12. 7770 is the best by far, my friend can max out some games, like planetside 2 e.t.c and get a decent 30-60 fps
  13. What about R7 260X vs 7770 Ghz edition??? which is the best??? please answer with good proofs and full details!!!
  14. 260X, It is a remake of the 7790(The model up from the 7770) Here are some charts: - for technical spec and there's a list of pros and cons.

    The 260X is the superior card easily, although probably costs more.
  15. 260x is around 200$ in india,which is way too high.
  16. Amangoel23 said:
    260x is not available in india,and if u ship from amazon it costs over 200$ so its a no no.

    What are you talking about? Even I, As an English person found atleast 2 R7 260X in india on flipkart.
  17. That sir,is 200$ if you convert it into dollars.
    That's what I mean.6500 Rs=100$
  18. Oh I see, I was under the assumption you meant $200 as in shipping it over.

    A bit on the pricy side indeed, if the OP wants a better card than the 7770 then I guess this 7790 is what we could recommend

    sucks how countries other than america always get shocking deals on parts.

    So basically he would be paying 55$ more for what 10-20% performance gain?
    I'd say go with the 7770 if you're on a tight budget which seems like you are on,otherwise you'd go with high end models so yeah.
  20. be careful with that 7770, you apparently do not receive the card in the picture but a smaller model probably this one:

    that said, it's probably not worth buying a 7790 unless the OP really values the extra performance which isn't much.
  21. But Guys I am confused between Asus 7770 1GB OR XFX 7770 1GB with GHOST tech??? Which is the best??? please help me guys with detailed proof of high end games like BF4,tomb raider,assassin's creed 4,far cry 3 and crysis 3!!!!
  22. the ASUS and XFX 7770 will perform basically the same. Get which ever one is the cheapest or your favourite brand.
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