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This is my first post in this wonderful site and I my question is this, I was planning on buying the MSI Z87 - G45 mobo and use this CMZ8GX3M2A2133C11R Corsair ram. After doing a bit of research on MSI's site I see that they only support the 1600 mhz version on that board. If I tried to use the 2133 ram would it degrade my speed down to 1600 or have some other negative affect? Or would it be ok? I have seen these boards run 1600mhz ram OC'ed to 2133, do you think it will matter weither or not its OC'ed?

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  1. It's all about probability. The more factors in your favor the more likely it will hit that oc and remain stable and conversely obviously not. Your system will be okay and probably run at least down graded to 1600 unfortunately. Good deductive reasoning! It comes down to the cpu chip lottery as the IMC is on there now and depending on whether your chip will run with the higher memory speeds or not and remain stable depends both on the chip and the board and already it appears your board will be a factor working against you. This is not to say it can't be done but it should curb your disappointment a little should it not happen. First, is that ram on the qvl for that board? Just go to the msi website and check specs, or support or something like that to double check if you haven't already. From there it's kind of a wait and see game. Best of luck to you! Let us know how it goes!


    Justin S.
  2. Thank you for your quick response jnewegger, I did check msi's website and the 2133 ram i planned on buying was not on the list of supported memory. The cpu I purchased is the i7 4770k haswell. I really don't want un needed issues when it comes to stability. I guess i will go with the 1600mhz low profile ram from crucial it at a really great price and i suppose i can just OC it to 2133 and save a couple bucks. What do you think?
  3. If your target is 2133 here's a hypothetical:
    Scenario A: You've won the cpu chip lottery and your chip can run that speed, your mobo is designed to handle 2133 OC or even higher, your memory is 2133; this is the no brainer winner situation that you should have the best odds of running your memory at 2133.
    Scenario B: Same as above but your memory is 1600 and you are pushing that memory to 2133
    Scenario C: Same as A but your mobo is designed to only handle 1600, your memory is only designed to handle 1600

    I mean this more for clarity as I've commented earlier that you are a smart and logical guy. Nonetheless, you should see then why I'd recommend either getting a board that's 2133 and memory 2133 if that's your target. You can push scenario C but you can see the odds will be less in your favor. You'll save some money but what's nice about having the 2133 is if you get a more capable board later then again the odds will be in your favor. The worst is you won't be utiliziing that target speed. The best is that you can! I say get the higher speed memory then if the cost is not substantial. Money can be made up elsewhere in life but you are stuck with the hardware you buy (pretty much; I know you can sell it used but that's another discussion). My 2cents!
  4. The sticks should work fine, they are basically standard 2133 (a little slow in the CL at 11, a CL9 or even 10 would be better), as far as the QVL, QVLs are really pretty worthless, see my info thread here:
  5. Ok I think I understand what you are saying jnewegger, and tradesman I did read the post in ur link. I think if 2 guys who seem to know what they are talking about have the same conclusion, then I should listen to them lol (even if they had different talking points). However, I now have a new question. I can get CML8GX3M2A1600C9R for a great price plus I get the 9-9-9-24 CL, I can then hopefully OC to 2133. Or I can just go ahead and get the 2133 ram for twice the price. When I OC the 1600mhz ram does the CL go up or am I way off base? Do either of you have any input on this or am I kinda beating a dead horse.
  6. I can't decide for you what's "value" with the 2133 you said being twice the price? For most that wouldn't be worth it. Your cas latency doesn't go up when you oc the 1600 but now you're running in circles again with what we've described earlier.
    Moving back to value I just researched your ram prices.
    From what I found the 1600 ram you're looking at is $90:
    vs the 2133 at $103:
    Unless you're getting yours used or on some supersale I only see a $13 difference, not a 2x markup?
  7. With their 1600/9 sticks, might get to 1866/10 or so, if wanting some fast DAM would look at a 2133/9 set, with 1600/9 if you can get to 2133 it would prob be at CL11 or 12, also if getting 1600 make sure the voltage is 1.5, if you get one of their 1.6-1.65 sets you'll have no voltage to play with to even try and OC
  8. I apologize if I seem to be going in circles, I am just trying to make sure I have completely thought out this build before I start purchasing. To answer your questions jnewegger, Yes I do get a great discount on corsair products. I am able to get the 1600mhz Low profile ram for around $35 and the 2133mhz for just over $70 all of which are brand new. That being said, I have decided to switch to another board. I am going to purchase the Asus z87 Hero, it's a little more expensive but its worth the price from what I've read. I checked the QVL on that board and I should be fine running 8gb of 1866mhz @ 9-10-9-27 CL and then OC'ing to 2133mhz. I did see a couple of corsairs memory on the QVL for 2133 but It wasn't the set I had my eye on. Tradesman I am making sure I get 1.5 voltage ram, ty for the tip.
  9. The Hero can handle any DRAM you want to throw at it (at least through 32GB of 2800, 16GB of 3000 as long as the CPU can handle it, and QVLs are a waste of time, see my info thread here:
  10. Yea I was thinking the same thing, That if it can handle 2133 on the qvl from corsair then is should be able to handle another 2133 model from the same company. However the CL is lower on the 1866, what do you think would be the better of the 2 choices? 1866 with 9-10-9-27 CL or 2133 @ 11-11-11-27. I suppose I can go read up on the importance of CL and get my answer if your not sure. Thanks again for all the info guys. This build has been an huge learning experience. Glad I'm doing it lol
  11. Here is a link to the mobo, if it matters. I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I am using the i7 4770k cpu, I haven't read anything about what ram works best with it but I am assuming it should be fine with 2133.
  12. Best answer
    If going 2133 look for CL9, 1866, CL8 would be preferred, but CL9 is OK, I've probably run at least 40 sets of DRAM on my Hero and the only problem I've had was with Dead sticks from Corsair and Kingston on systems brought in with problems, and the DRAM obviously was the problem :)
  13. Ok I think I have a good grasp on the subject now, thank you both for all the input. Its much appreciated.
  14. No worries, glad to help
  15. k
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