The max temp on AMD FX-8350?

So i want to know what is the max temp on the 8350 cpu because i have heard that max temp on 8350 is 70c on the cpu and 62 on core. when im running my 8350 4.5Ghz @ 1.4125V on prime95 my max temp on the cpu is 66C and on the core 52C. i have a corsair h100i on push pull configuration. So im asking your opinion on the max temp on 8350 because i have seen on other forums that the cpu temp doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is the core temp. So i want to be sure about this max temp so i want a answer from you guys.
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  1. There is the socket temp and the package or core temp. Max core temp should be around 65 and socket 75. they are usually about 10 degrees apart anyways most of the time under load so when one is near max the other is too. The socket temp can hear up fast because of the vrms and the hest they put out especially under higher voltage and ocing
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    ~61C is the maximum temperature, as per the AMD website. Doesn't mean things will kerplode when you pass that point, but lifespan will considerably degrade at that point.
  3. I know mine will auto down clock once it hits 61 degrees to cool down. So I agree with this guy ^^ but have also heard the 62 core and 72 socket temps
  4. My Package temp reaches 80C non overclocked.. should I be worried?
  5. Windwalker95 said:
    My Package temp reaches 80C non overclocked.. should I be worried?

    Well if you are referring to package temp as core temp then maybe? Since AMD uses tctl for the FX-8350 most monitoring software reports the thermal margin or just plain incorrectly. Thermal margin is the temp before the cpu hits the thermal trip mark causing it to down clock/lower voltage, for instance in AMD overdrive software (i use to it monitor my own) each core is at 60c or so at idle, under load this will lower down to 20-30c meaning it has 20-30c before it down clocks.
  6. On my FX4350 the temperature @5ghz ddr3 2400 as I write here is fluctuating between 25c and 32c and the thermal margin available to me is between 42-47c. That leads me to think that in spite of the 61.5c recommendation that I can play at up to ~75c on the core temp. The cpu temp or package temp does not rise above 40c on my water cooling loop. And I've got fans huffing on the TUF sabertooth VRM heatsink. and other fans extracting the air. 4 in all. And a fan blowing on the chipset heatsink.

    I still may desire a touch more cooling from one source or another. Pondering it.

    I did not mention I've got vCore at 1.512v & if I were to clock at 4.5ghz my temps would be in the 30-35c range, if that.

    With my custom built water loop the water temp. when I switch off the pc (the pump remains running 24/7) the water temp. tumbles to about 21c. Under a load the water in the loop reaches about 33c @5ghz. I'm thinking of getting some additional fans to actually tie to the radiator so they are close in since the fans I'm using at the moment are only blowing directly across 1/4 of the surface.
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