Different Size Monitor for gaming ? 18.5 inch with 19 inch

Hey Guys
Will it be good If I link a 18.5 inch monitor with my 19 inch monitor ?
Will it work for dual monitor gaming setup ?

Monitors Used :-
Viewsonic VA1903WM

Reason is that im getting it for cheap rate...

My specs :-
Motherboard - Asus A88XM-A
Processor - AMD A4-4000 Richland Edition 3.2ghz
RAM - 4GB Corsair XMS3
Gfx - Asus HD 6670
PSU - 500W Iball Marathon
Case - Zebronics Bijli 2
HDD - Seagate 250 GB
Os - Windows 8.1

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  1. Your system is too weak to handle dual monitor setup in more recent games. But you can add the second monitor and use it to check skype during gaming or something else.
  2. ok but what do u say about the setup ??
    I mean will be looking good if I put together or very Odd Like 1 screen Too Taller than the other ??
  3. This is a personal preference. Most people prefer identical monitors for dual monitor setup. They look better symmetrical.
    So If possible - try to find the same monitor.
    I myself use 24" + 19" at work but I have a technical reason for that.
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