How do I change the default installtion of my programs, from C Drive ( My SSD) to my B Drive?

So recently I had to nuke my HDD and now everything has been set to default again. I want my downloads to be installed to my B drive instead of my OS Drive aka. my SSD. I'm talking it terms of actually installing the program, not just downloading it - as I have already change my download directory within Firefox.

I remember before that I changed the letters in the regedit, but being a 64-Bit I cant remember how to alter both regedits as I know there are two.

Im also having a problem with manually selecting the B drive as an install location because then the Desktop Shorcuts are saying that it is an unknown path.

I would really like a solution on how to change it in the regedit so it automatically downloads to my B drive, and not information regarding browsers because that information is useless to me.

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    Follow this tutorial and see if it may work out:

    Hope that helps
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