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I am planning to upgrade my graphics card in order to play the new tittles coming out (titanfall,witcher 3,etc.) because my gtx 660 cant even max many games right now. So the question is get a gtx 770 4gb/780 or wait patiently for the gtx 800 series? I know there hasnt been a release date but I was wondering is it worth to wait? (Single monitor 1080p gaming) Thanks!
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  1. get gtx 780 or 780ti
  2. for single monitor 760 would b enough
  3. will i be fine with a single gtx 780 for single monitor 1080p for lets say 2 years?
  4. yup
    gtx 780 can handle three monitors max out
    So it can handle a single monitor
  5. ance,with a gtx 780 you will not be able to max out every game at 1080p,even with a 780ti the max you'll get is 1 year due to the gaming industry improving its graphic alot you won't be able to max out any games in 2 years from now with even the highest graphic card unless you sli/crossfire it.
  6. So you are suggesting maybe SLI like 2 gtx 770 instead of going 780? I know that graphics cards are not futureproof but i thought that for single monitor I could easily go 2 years without having to upgrade. What do you suggest?
  7. my suggestion would b a single 780 would b enough for ur gaming
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    That is true for NOW,but since you want to max out every game for the next 2-3 years do you really think a single gtx 780 can max the games out? a 770 in sli will surely grant u 2 years of max settings game but with a single 780 you will barely be able to max games for 1 years.Is is the truth and it may be hard to swallow but it is how it is.
  9. 780 cannot max out games on 3 monitors and maintain playable frames. 30 fps is not playable especially in MP. 760 struggles to keep 60 fps in bf4 and struggles all together in crysis 3 right now. Future titles it would handle medium/high at 1080p but not max. 780 or 780ti would be good solutions for 1080p or 290x if you are into amd. Personally im a nvidia guy but to each their own.
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