R9 270x vs gtx 760

Is the asus r9 270x directcu2 top better or asus GeForce gtx 760 directcu2 OC for gaming at single 1080p monitor at ultra or high. I have a core i5 3550 and 8GB RAM (500w PSU). Which of the two gives more price to performance ratio??? Thnx for the help...
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  1. The GTX 760 is BETTER than the r9 270x and gives a better value.There are no games on the market that the 760 cant play on medium to high settings.You should get the evga gtx 760 acx superclocked because it is overclocked to 1072 mhz and the asus dc2 760 is overclocked to 1006 mhz so the evga will perform a little better.
    make sure your psu is compatible with the card the specs say that the card requires a 500 watt or higher would help if you could give the link and name of your power supply
  2. Thnx for the help but in my area (Jamshedpur, India) only asus is available via amazon.
    My PSU is -
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    The Asus one is also fine and you power supply will be able to handle the card as well.
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