Upgrading PC have a few question's

Hello, thanks for looking.

I am upgrading my computer from an i3 220 and unknown MOBO to i7 4770k and MSI Z87-GD65.

Im also running a 500gb hdd and a GeForce gtx 660 with a 600w PSU.

I'm looking to OC my new cpu and would like to know what i will need to make it work best, what else should i upgrade and what the best colling method and unit?

Side note: plan on upgrading my GPU soon aswell dont know to what yet.
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  1. my question is why u need to oc ? ur gpu is weak in front of ur cpu
    cooling suggestion would depend on ur budget
  2. I wanted to oc to render videos and stream along with editing

    budget after the mobo and cpu is around 600$ witch is why im waitng to buy a new gpu
  3. still looking for soem suggestions/help
  4. I would really really really disagree with the i7 if you want to stream,if you try to stream any of the cpu intensive streams it will take around 70% of your core power in an intel cpu whereas if you get a amd 8 core or 6 core cpu you will be able to play the game at the settings you're suppose to and stream at the same time without taking a performance hit.For Eg-If you try to stream starcraft with an i7 you will only be able to play games at around low-medium settings due to the enormous cpu load.That is my 2 cents
  5. For streaming I will recommend going with the AMD FX-8350 instead of the i7 4770K. You can put the saved money into a better GPU maybe.
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    You sir will not be able to stream your games at its fullest quality with an i7,I would recommend getting a fx 8350 paired with a m5a97 evo R.20 and using the rest over money in a better graphic card or just keeping the money itself.You could even just go with a 8320 and invest the rest of the money in a gtx 770 if you're on a 1080p monitor or maybe a 780ti totally upto you but This is the more budget oriented/higher performance build which will give you a better way to spend your money if your primarly investment is streaming and video editing.
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