Okay, want a RVZ01, will this spec still work?

You lovely lovely people helped me settle on a spec a couple of week back. The only thing is I really am trying to get as smal as possible The RVZ01 looks pretty nice. Will the recommendspec below: One obvious one is the power supply will have to be different. Any recommndations?

I'm also probably just going to be using stock cooling, no watercooling etc as is the first I'm building from scratch and don't want to get too complicated.

Many thanks!
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  1. That's a TINY case, Could you for a slightly bigger one?

    Such as the Coolermaster Elite 130 or something of a similar size?

    SFX PSU's are very limited in available and most of them are low power.

    This was the best I could find:
  2. Well, I could go bigger, but the size is kind of the point. This will be areplacement for PS3 / Xbox so the smaller the better.

    The coolermaster was my previous choice and fallback, but its a bit too box for my aesthetic taste...

    I'm aware that it will be a royal pain to put together, but I think the effort will be worth it once it is assembled, so long that is, that I don't then run into overheating problems and such. I'm not planning to overclock or anything....

    Thanks for the PSU recommendation!
  3. That PSU will be fine if you can change the GPU from a 760 to a less power consuming card (or lower power CPU) - scrap that. - this PSU has enough on the 12v rail, it's a tad more costly than the other one but it will work.
  4. Hmm, that opens a whole new can of worms. This guy here has a GTX 780 but no second HDD or optical drive. Is that where I'm going out of bounds?

    Could you recommend a CPU?
  5. - If you can afford, it's got the same power consumption as any i5 non S versions but comes with hyperthreading so performs a bit quicker(no OC available and no integrated graphics as well) you could settle for an i5 as well if you want such as 4670,4570 etc.

    You could go for an i5 4570S which is a slower clocked version of the 4570 with lower power draw(only like 19W) but is the similar price.
  6. Okay I a now very confused. I thought you said to go for a lower power CPU, which is what I asking for a recommendation for....

    Definitely do not a Xeon for my purposes though :)

    Edit: Never mind. I only read half the message. Apologies. So a 4570S would bring me within power specfications for a 450W?
  7. Best answer
    I just listed the xeon because it's great if not OCING as a mix between an i5 and i7.

    Go for this if you want a lower powered i5:

    I think you'd be fine with a stnadard i5 as well, such as the i5 4670
  8. Great. I think I'll try and calculate the power requirements and go from there. Thanks for your help ashy. Much appreciated!
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