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I have never used quick sync to render a video because I heard it can render out a lower quality video. I have seen a liitle bit about Intel HD gaphics converting videos for your iPhone. I use generally use my CPU and CUDA to export videos. What are the benefits to using Quick Sync over the CPU and GPU?
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  1. unknownofprob said:

    Sort of I saw a Linus Tech Tips video on quick sync and it basically showed what the graph is saying. I understand how it is good for converting videos to lower resolution for an iPhone i think.
  2. I prefer to use the GPU and CPU over the Quick Sync.
  3. unknownofprob said:
    I prefer to use the GPU and CPU over the Quick Sync.

    I thought that would be the case. I did end up finding a site that had some info on rendering times using Programs Like Adobe Premier Pro and the CPU/GPU setup were far done in much less time. But It is hard to find factual data on what your looking for sometimes
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