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My father is currently using an old xps 410 desktop(that I am revitalizing) , and I am wondering if I can upgrade it to an SSD. Not worried about the install process, just don't want to buy one then figure out it doesn't even work for this old of a pc.

The only thing I am worried about is if it will work fine with the motherboard or bios, not sure if this makes any difference with hard drives.

I think it is the same as a dimension 9200.

Here is a link I think to the mobo on amazon.

Thanks a bunch for the help.
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    Has 6x SATA ports, so you're fine.

    Don't bother getting a fast one; the board won't be more than 3Gb/s.
  2. Someone Somewhere said:

    Don't bother getting a fast one....

    Thanks for such a quick and helpful response, ill get the cheapest reliable 32gb one I can find.
  3. 32GB is probably a bit small for an OS and some programs. I'd look at a 64GB, minimum. The price/GB of small drives is quite high, too.
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