2GB GPU but 1GB limit

Hello everyone, so i'm building my first PC, my graphics card is 2GB but my motherboard says its max shared memory is 1024MB. I have no picture on my tested monitor and the GPU fan isn't working either. Are they compatible?
Motherboard: M5A78L-M/USB3
Graphics Card : Amd HD 7750 2Gb sapphire edition
Thanks in advance!
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    The shared ram is only for the onboard graphics, with a discrete card it comes with its own memory and can be any size you want.
  2. GPU fan should be working. What is your PC brand and the power supply wattage? Check if you have inserted the video card fully in the slot. 7750 is not working with shared memory. Shared memory is used by CPU integrated video cards. So this does not matter.
  3. Try updating drivers.
    Is your card really 2GB? You can check by examining your card. If it has 4 black RAM chips, then it's 1 GB. If 8, then 2 GB.
  4. Yes you can use whatever graphics card, the max shared memory is the integrated graphics. And yes they are compatible.
  5. Thanks for all the replies, its a self built PC and its only the GPU that won't work and now I have no idea as to why
  6. The card gets all its power from the slot so the fans should spin if working and properly inserted!
  7. Remove the card and insert in again, make sure that is inserted fully. Look through the motherboard bios if all settings look correct. Check the motherboard an video card user guides for details.
    Do not surrender :)
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