How to install new drivers in windows 8

I want to know how to install the latest drivers for components in windows 8. Will windows update them automatically or do I have to manually go to the website and download them. I also want to know what components need updating on a regular basis. Do I need to download a driver for the SSD? The CPU? And how do I know if I have the latest drivers?
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    Windows 8 will have drivers available during install that are usually functioning generic drivers for those things it doesn't recognize so your system can run. After Windows 8 is installed, though, you should look to install drivers specific to your hardware for maximum performance.

    You can download the drivers from your hardware manufacturers' web sites. Do this in desktop mode through IE in Windows 8.

    Keep your PCs BIOS up to date to minimize hardware compatibility issues. These you get from the motherboard manufacturer's web site. Keep your chipset drivers up to date. These are specific to your motherboard architecture.

    You can periodically check for audio drivers for your sound card or your motherboard if you have on-board sound, but these you'll want to get from the motherboard manufacturer. Also, check periodically for USB, Disk Controller (seldom), Bluetooth and LAN/wifi driver updates.

    You don't have to check for SSD or HDD drivers because these are part of the OS, though when your first get an SSD, you should check with the SSD manufacturer regarding firmware updates prior to using it.

    No CPU drivers are necessary, but in order to get support for CPUs released after a given motherboard is produced, a BIOS update is sometimes necessary to support the new CPU.

    New video drivers are frequently available so check with either Nvidia or AMD for new drivers or use one of their tools (ie Geforce Experience) to stay up to date.

    On the other hand, if you're installing on a laptop, make sure you're getting your video and other drivers from the laptop manufacturer's web site.
  2. You can also download the drivers from another PC prior to the install of Windows 8. Put them on a USB thumb drive ahead of time so once you install Windows 8, they're all available. This is usually how I go about setting up any new PC or upgrading a motherboard/CPU.
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