HD6870 on a 450w PSU

hey guys so i have my pc since 2008 with the following parts:
Enermax Tomahawk 450w
C2D E8400 3.0ghz
Radeon HD4850
3GB DDR2 800mhz

now my friend is buying a new pc and hes giving me his Sapphire Radeon HD6870, now the question is can the card work with my PSU?
i believe its a pretty good quality PSU but i wanna make sure
ive attached the label on the PSU:
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  1. should work, a bit too close for my taste but those 12 rail amps are quite good. try it, if it's unstable with prime95+furmark running you need to upgrade
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    According to this site the load of the graphic card is 250w at max.
    So when we convert that into amps
    250/12=10.8 amps on 12v
    So yes it will be more than enough to power that graphic card as on your psu ur 1st rail has 17amp and the 2nd rail has 16 amp.
    Hope this helped you out.
  3. actually the recomendation for Radeon HD 6870 is 28A on the 12v rail and a 500W PSU minimum(including all pc components not just the gpu) so still the enermax will suffice.
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