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HI I have a Dell latitude D630 and i'm having problems... so it all started when a game of mine(league of legends) suddenly stopped working saying something about a messed up file. I reported it to them about 5 days ago still didn't get help so i tried to find the problem out on my own. About the same time that my game stopped working my computer would ask me to do a chkdsk everytime i turned it on but i kept skipping it. Then the first clue i got was that my computer gave me a notification of a corrupt file when i tried start the game again which led me to believe that i needed to do the chkdsk to fix this problem. So i ran it and then when it finished i couldn't even start my computer and it told me something about my windows explorer not working so it gave me an option to fix it and i accepted. I waited a couple hours for the process then everything was working fine for like 5 mins until my computer started making weird noises and it continuously kept freezing up on me sometimes forcing me to take the battery out cause nothing would work for like 15 mins. Sometimes my computer would go smoothly for a bit until i open my computer or the c drive then everything would automatically freeze up. I would appreciate some help!! Thanks
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    Run Dell diagnostics, hdd may be dying !
  2. das_stig said:
    Run Dell diagnostics, hdd may be dying !

    how do i do that
  3. Look it up on Google, you should find it pretty easy.
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