Can I plug SIX 24" monitors and my 550w computer all into the same power outlet in my house?

I'm setting up a 6 monitor array and have bought all the monitors and PC parts, but I just realized I have to plug all this stuff in! If I were to run two power strips from a single plug in in my house and plug all this stuff in, would that be dangerous?

The monitors are Dell U2412m:

If this is too much, how do people normally handle having multiple monitors?
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  1. should be fine yes, power cables usually max out around 2000W the monitors need up to 75W each so you're around 1000W for everything, no problems
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    Let's calculate the amperage needed:
    550w / 0.8 (estimating max wall load for 80% efficiency) = 687.5 W
    72 W (maximum power draw of a U2412M according to Dell's website) * 6 = 432 W
    Total 1,119.5 Watts, so as long as the circuit and power strips are rated for more than about 9.33 amps (120V) or 4.66 amps (240V), you should be okay.
  3. Awesome, thanks guys!
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