Is it common to not see full download speed while downloading?

Basically, I have a 35mbps connection and when I test it on I always get ~40mbps. However, when actually downloading something from say Steam, Origin or utorrent, I never see anywhere near that. The highest I've ever seen was ~8mbps, is this common? I've had my ISP's techs come out and look at it but nothings changed. Also, if I'm only getting ~8mbps should I then drop my overall speed? It doesn't seem like it would matter if I have a 25mbps vs a 35mbps connection if I never get above 8. Thanks in advance.
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  1. When you run a test, you are testing YOUR connection, when downloading you are dependent on the OTHER guys network/usage etc & can't download faster than that.
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    ISPs normally advertise in MegaBITS. The ~8 MegaBYTES you see are fairly accurate, if not higher than what I get. I pay for 50 megabits; sometimes peak to 100 megabits, and I see my download speeds are around 8 megabytes, but in general things download faster than I actually pay attention to my speeds.
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