Help Overclocking i5-4670K with Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H

Hello. I've got the Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H with the i5-4670k with the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.
I've been overclocking to 4.2ghz with Gigabyte's easytune software by using the medium setting under smartboost with these results;

Temperature at max load:

EasyTune Software:

As you can see, with 4.2ghz it is well under stable temperatures. However, i'm worried that these voltages for the cpu are too high, and may damage it over long-term. I'm new to overclocking but i'm wanting to overclock this safely in the BIOS instead of using the easytune software. Hopefully achieving higher speeds and using lower voltages, lowering the temperature.

Help would be appreciated.
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  1. you will only damage that processor if you go over 1.4 v on the vcore, and above 90c on the processor (not advised to go over 80 though)
    all you have to really do to manually overclock is increase the multiplier, to say 4.5, then increase voltage to say roughly 1.25. maybe set vdroop to 75% so it isn't running max voltage in idle.

    run prime 95 for at least 3 hours
    (with a 212 evo i would not suggest going over 1.2v, so you may only be able to get up to maybe 4.4ghz with that cooler
  2. Thanks. Uninstalled software and went into bios. Core speed now at 4.2 at a much lower 1.181 V. Running fine with maximum temperature of around 60 degrees. Definitely much more room for overclocking but will leave it like this for now to test it for a couple of days. I appreciate your help. From this voltage and speed, how would i start to overclock it some more? What increments should i be going up in for both voltage and core?
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