Random Black Screens and Lockups

Hi all,
I'm new to the Tom's Hardware Forum after lurking for quite a while. After seeing all the useful adv ice and tips I decided to join! I hope I posted this thread in the correct category.
Now, first of all, for the past, say, three months or so, my computer has been behaving erratically. I was doing some slight cpu and videocard overclocking but decided to stop. My problems started when I'd be browsing the web and my computer would randomly lock up with the same screen on with no cpu activity which required a hard reset. Now, it's become progressively worse. I'm getting black screens and overnight random restarts. Mind you, everything is cooled well and I run great temps (cpu temps and gpu idle in the upper 20s). I ran memory diagnostics and it checked out. I have everything set on stock settings too. It's quite frustrating. Thanks for any input!
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  1. first put everything back to default the other thing use the drive maker tool to test it . also you could have overclock the gpu to far so something whent wrong on the card .
  2. Everything on my card is exactly default and so is everything else. I never pushed my overclock on the video card by more than 20 mhz from stock on either the gpu or it's memory. It's an Nvidia GTS 450. Also, the temps have always been stable under load (40-50 C).
  3. could you test the gpu in another system .
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