will asus gtx 760 work with a psu of antec 520w

I have a cpu of the following components-
1)proccessor-core i5 3570k 3.4ghz
2)motherboard- p8 b75 mlx plus 3)ram- 4gb ddr3
4)psu- antec 520w 80plus bronze
5)hdd-1 tb
I m planning to buy an asus gtx 760.
So could u pls help me if it will work on my pc.
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    Without knowing your exact PSU model, it's hard to tell. If it's the High Current Gamer Series, you'd be pushing it. As I believe the 760 requires 42A on a 12v rail, and your PSU provides 40A. I would recommend upgrading to a XFX 550W or a decent 600W.
  2. Dear your PSU would be requiring update. Remember your CPU and GPU would be drawing power from +12V so it must have 44Amps+. Check this PUS from EVGA. It will give you 49Amps on +12V and is 80+ Bronze Certified with 600W. It would be enough for your requirement.

    Yes, with this upgrade GTX760 will work in this system.
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