Clover electronics security system tech support

I cannot contact Clover Electronics for Tech support. I think they may have gone out of business..

I need to know how to view my dvr cameras from home and from my android device.

I have the IP address, port etc.

Can any one tell me how to do this?
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  2. i have tried for a few months, no luck contacting anyone.....i only need software for cdr4170. it seems home depot may carry them as well as walmart/sams, but they cannot seem to get me tech or software help.

    what model dvr do you use ? i don't know about the phone part of it, the pc needs to have you have the software ?

    reply to EDIT: email removed by Moderator please, i will try to help.

  3. I have also been trying to contact clover electronics for the last month I need a filmware update for a 8 channel all in one model 2208
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