Dell Inspiron 1525 - HDMI Output Not Recognized on External Display

I own a Dell Inspiron 1525 that has an HDMI out port. I have been having no success with getting a display to actually receive a signal from the laptop.

I have tried both Windows 7 and Ubuntu, and when I connect the hdmi cable to my TV, the laptop instantly finds a second display device, and I can even move my mouse cursor off the screen of my laptop where the "extended display" should be displayed on the TV (clone desktop, only showing the hdmi display, using FN+F8, etc. also don't display anything). I have tried every hdmi port on the TV and have also tried external monitors with hdmi inputs, I have tried three different hdmi cables that work with other devices, again, the laptop recognizes the display, and I can activate that display in Windows/Ubuntu, yet the external display does not receive a signal from the laptop. Yes, I have made sure that the TV/external monitors are set on the proper hdmi source. I have tried having both devices powered off with the cable attached and then restarting them, etc.

The Samsung TV that I want the output to work on will display a "searching for signal" message when I attach the hdmi cable, but after a few seconds will display "no signal." The problem is getting an actual display on the external display device. How can I get my hdmi port to actually send the signal to my TV or other display? I have spent hours on google and nothing has helped. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. I just thought I would update this thread as I have surprisingly fixed this issue. There was a screw missing underneath the laptop where the HDMI port was located. I ordered some replacement screws on EBay and replaced where the screw should have been. There were a few other screws missing as well (I got the laptop used) that I replaced. After filling in all the gaps, I tested the HDMI connection again and it worked immediately. No idea how or why that fixed the HDMI port, but it did.
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