3 beeps then 1 beep followed by 3 short beeps when installing new 780

I was installing my new card, gtx780. I turned on the system to find out that it wasnt working. I( re-seated the ram cause one side was a little off, and now I get 3 beeps then 1 beep followed by 3 short beeps. My HP screen is up while this is happening, and I cant access the bios. But when I put back in my old card (660ti), everything is fine. Could it be that I tried turning on the system with the ram not in properly the first time and now the system wont work with the 780? or that maybe the memory on the 780 is not working?

I have a 600W PSU (Thermaltake TR2 600W)
Pegatron 2ac2 MOBO
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  1. Did you install the drivers first?
  2. There are many things i can see being the issue here. A 600w psu for a 780 is to low you should atleast have a 750w the ram not being in properly wouldnt not prevent the 780 from working with your configuration that is false. The fact your 660ti works shows that pcie bus is working and the power supply is working but the fact it cant boot with the 780 shows its a power issue. that or the 780 is defective which is alot less likely then it being insufficiant power resources. make sure you have a high 12v rail amperage when getting a power supply aswell the 780 is a power hungry beast
  3. You dont need to install the drivers first. The drivers are on the software level and would not preven the hardware from booting correctly.
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    Check out what is your BIOS. If its AMI, there is a memory problem. Turn the PC on with 660ti and run a Memtest86. If you pass the tests then everything with your ram is ok.

    If it is IBM, then your PSU is not enough to power your new GPU up. You will need a better one. Something like 750W or 850W.
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