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Hi guys, new here and need a little advise.

So I was going to get a few more years out of my 2009 i7-920, on the ASRock x58 deluxe, by installing a Corsair H80i cooler and overclock the shit. CPU was running 3,8 GHz at 60 degrees C in Prime95 - all smoth. But then the system sudently shuts down, and wont start againg. Turns out that the mosfets are burned - needen the air from the old CPU cooler after all...
Since it is hard to find a new x58 mb again, I think I'll just jump to a new platform.

Well I have been reading tons of posts in here, about what platform to go for.
I stand between the Haswell or the Ivy-E. Most comments states that there's no reason to go for the Ivy-E just for gaming and office stuff, mainly because it ould be more expensive.

Locally I seem to be able to buy into both platforms, for almost the same price.

This is the two setups I have in mind:

Asus Sabertooth Z87
Intel Core i7-4770K 3,5 GHz
Corsair Vengeence Pro 2x8 GB, 1866 MHz, CL 9
Total price: 945 $

Asus Sabertooth X79
Intel Core i7-4820K 3,7 GHz
Corsair Dominator 4x4 GB, 1600 MHz, CL 7
Total price: 1.106 $
Or with as ASRock X79 Extreme6: 935$

What would be the best buy?

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  1. asus maximus vi hero
    Intel Core i7-4770K 3,5 GHz
    G.Skill Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-2400 Memory
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I want to have 16 GB of RAM, as I fell 8 GB will be too little an upgrade from my current 6 GB tripple channel.
    What does the Maximus VI Hero offer over the Sabertooth?
    I think the mosfeet cooling on the Sabertooth look safe, when running with a H80i liquid cooler.

    The channel thing is maybe my biggest issue, since chosing Haswell will bring me from my current to dual, where Ivy-E would offer me quad - at almost the same price.

    I have an Asus GTX 770 OC and don't plan on running SLI, but might ad a Sound Blaster Core Z later, so I guess I wont' have to worry about 16 PCIe lanes vs 40 on Ivy-E

    But since the price is almost the same, will there be any advantage by choosing the Haswell?
  3. Sabertooth (at least z87 one) is a bit overrated in my opinion. Just that thermal armoring makes it look bad-ass. Hero is better in almost every way.

    Power phase design is similar. True 8 phase, instead of some marketing gimmicks with lower end boards like Z87-plus.

    Mosfets... Well, Sabertooth has pretty mid-range PowerPAK mosfets from On-Semi. Which is quite the similar/same on the boards like MSI z87-G45 or Asus z87-A. Hero, on the other hand, the Hero has NexFETs which is better. But to be honest Gigabyte's z87X's and MSI Mpower's "integrated" PowIRStages are slightly better than NexFETs since they are using more units per true phase. Anyways...

    About inductors and capacitance... Well, Hero is obviously better with their 60A/gold plated inductors while Sabertooth is using a more classic ferrite/alloy ones. Well it is still very good, but today even mid-range boards are using that quality chokes and inductors. But considering Sabertooth's price it's quite interesting to see this. Also the caps are better on Hero with higher solid polymer density. While Sabertooth, again, struggles to justify its price point.

    So all in all I wouldn't go for Sabertooth in any day, unless price drops to 150-180$ level.
  4. Good points, I will look into that!

    How about the Ivy-E vs Haswell issue, when it's the same price?
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    Well, unless you are into graphic rendering, video editing etc... that would utilize more memory channel, Haswell is better.
  6. Thanks, I'll go with the Haswell then.
    Due to my resent experience with OC and burned mosfets, I ordered the Sabertooth because of the good cooling when using a closed liquid solution.
    Also I like the look of it :)
    Had I not invested in the H80i, I think I would have chosen a MSI MPower.
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