Convert iso to img..How?

Well I somehow already asked the question. I'm newbie to Linux and I want to install it to my Android tablet because I just hate the firmware tablet. I looked over the net and arrived to this part but just can't find an image os the OS I want to install (Slitaz). I already installed the OS on a laptop but to do it for a tablet I need an image not the ISO.
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  1. try one of these programs get the one with the most downloads
  2. Your saying that you want to install an OS to an tablet? What model of tablet do you have?
  3. @Aspri - it is not that easy as you think... Most probably, your Android tablet is using Arm processor, and there is no standard way of putting another OS in the Arm world. So, you will not find Slitaz (or any other Linux) for your tablet, unless it is very popular, and someone has made a Linux image specifically for your tablet.

    YOu have much better chances of finding alternative Android for your tablet, though. Check
  4. as said by alabalcho, I would get a custom ROM for your tablet
  5. It seems you have undertaken a diffucult task. First, you want to make sure the hardware is compatible, and if the OS supports touchscreen.
    Assuming you have 7-zip AND you are aware of the complications that may occur....

    1. Extract the .iso file using 7zip into a single folder with the install/system files inside them
    2. Right-click on the file and click 'Add to archive"
    3. Name the file, "[insert text here].img" or whatever.
    4. Select compression method, "Store".
    5. Select file type, "zip"
    6. Compress to a .img OS image.
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