Can I cool a Macbook Pro enough to run Minecraft?

My son loves Minecraft. He is saving his money in order to buy a computer for himself, but in the meantime I have been letting him use my Macbook Pro 2008. I have stopped allowing him to use it for Minecraft however, because when he plays on it, the computer gets very hot. I have read that it is an issue when playing games on Macbook Pros. My question is: Could I find a way to cool the laptop in order for him to play minecraft? we have a cooling pad, but it isn't doing the trick. Could I take the keyboard off?(He has a wireless keyboard already in order to use a monitor.) Thanks!
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    If I'm correct your macbook only one slot behind the screen for air to enter and exit. That is why the cooling pad doesn't do much for it. Just make sure it is on a desk or something hard when he plays and don't let him play for a long time. But as long as it doesn't shut off, it shouldn't damage your mac. If he gets his own laptop make sure it stays on a flat surface and it should all be fine. And if he plays games, a pc would have a better cooling solution and the cooling pad would work better on the pc also. I've had a macbook laptop for about 2 years and played games on it without problems. And so have about 200 other people I know. I hope this helps.
  2. I don't think I'd recommend removing the keyboard here. I might suggest in addition to the laptop cooler, you use what I call a sucking fan like this which connects to and assists your exhaust, that should help reduce temps I would think.
    I might also suggest disassembling and cleaning the MacBook (there are videos which can help) especially the heatsink vents. I recommend disassembly because once dust bunnies have formed inside, they are impossible to remove without disassembly. If you do remove the heatsink from the CPU, a fresh application of thermal compound would be needed (that probably wouldn't hurt either)
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