Whats The Best Graphics Card for minecraft? I dont care about how much just want the highest FPS possible please!

Looking for the best graphics card for minecraft so i could get the highest fps possible
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  1. Almost certain that minecraft is more CPU intensive. A full PC spec list would help as wel.
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    What CPU do you have? IF the GPU will be bottle necked by the CPU then recommending to powerful of a GPU will be no good for you. Also What PSU are you running so we don't recommend a Card that wont work in your system.

    EDIT: enemy1g is correct that Minecraft is more CPU based than GPU.
  3. i would suggest 4 R9-290x cards but i don't want to be breaking you bank. I really good one for minecraft would be a Radeon HD 7870. It will let you play with ultra high graphics mods and still get you around 120FPS
  4. Well,im getting a new custom desktop. Gamer Paladin D859. Im thinking a Nvidia GEforce 770. What CPU would be good then?
  5. i5-4670k. i7-4770k if you have the extra cash.
  6. enemy1g said:
    i5-4670k. i7-4770k if you have the extra cash.

    I got a Z87-G45 MSI desktop.i7 Proccesor.
  7. wtf that for minecraft? I think a i3 4130, 8 gigs ram, radeon 7770/gtx 650/maybe 750 ti is fine to get 30-50 fps with shaders. 100+ with no shaders
  8. My core duo was able to play minecraft on 30 fps lol.

    But now, I have I7 4770K @ 3.5, it's amazing!
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