Are any Alienware PC's worth buying?

Should I buy an Alienware for gaming or should I attempt to build my own or go for a pre built gaming PC on ebay or something I'm looking to switch from console gaming to PC but I'm very new at this I would appreciate any advice thanks.
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  1. The vast majority of people on this forum, myself included, will tell you to build your own. Even if you've never built a computer before, some time and patience will give you a computer that's as powerful as any pre-built for a much more manageable budget.
  2. Nope. They are overpriced pieces of junk. Use Digital Storm, OriginPC, cyberpower, falcon northwest, even asus/msi, or puget systems.
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    There are Pros and Cons.

    The HIGHER the cost of the computer, the MORE you can save by building it yourself. I've seen $600 PC's I could maybe build for the same price. I've seen $2500 pre-builts that I did for $1600 (and some of my parts were slightly higher quality).

    WARRANTY is another issue. When you get a pre-built you often have to return the entire machine and pay shipping at least one way. Then you don't have it for weeks or possibly months. Want to change a small component without wrecking your Warranty?

    *I also recommend building. Here's the crucial steps:

    1) Setting a BUDGET (specify what it's for; i.e. case and internals only + Windows).

    2) Get help with parts (i.e. pcpartpicker )

    3) Build (CPU thermal paste etc..) and TEST ( )

    4) Install Windows, programs, drivers etc.
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